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Neurodiversity is a word heavily discussed in disability justice and in the movement for Autistic liberation, but conspicuously absent in virtually all other theory. Disability justice is a major field of activism with a long history, serving a demographic that intersects with all other oppressed people, yet disability is rarely incorporated into leftist theory. This is a fatal mistake.

There is one leftist current disability justice meshes particularly well with—xenofeminism. It is as far removed as one can get from assimilationist politics, which do not help disabled people but only erase us. Xenofeminism embraces difference, celebrates weirdness. Autistic people often see ourselves as alien to neurotypical society; in our own spaces we embrace our weirdness. Yet, analysis of disability or neurodiversity is absent from xenofeminist theory. The xenofeminist manifesto mentions disability exactly one time, and (in English) uses terminology disabled people have always hated. It is time for disability to be properly incorporated into feminism.


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