Lost Sister

I want to be invisible. I’m tired of being seen. Because when I’m seen, you don’t see me. I was born cursed, a beast. I don’t want to scare you. I hope this doesn’t inconvenience you. I stay away for your comfort. I stay away from your spaces. I am not seen. I won’t be your monster. I am uncomfortable for your comfort. But that’s okay.

Raped by the monster. He takes my humanity. Thoughts become hard. I cry for help but no one’s there. I am broken, damaged. I am a monster. A beast.

Strength. Rebirth. I’ve killed the monster but I’ve lost touch with the human. What am I? I’m still broken, but I start to see me. In the mirror is not a beast. It’s me. I see me. A new face, but a familiar face. My body changes. I’ve lost my claws and fur. I’ve killed the beast and gained the human. The monsters know.

The war never stops. I have slayed many beasts but there’s no end in sight. The wounds bleed out. The bite and claw marks decorate my body. But I’m not alone. You fight yours too. But you see me and still see a monster. I’ve overcome but yet I am still a beast. A predator. You make your territory clear. You’ll slice me down just the same. And so I fight the monsters alone.

You cry for your lost sisters. How can we lose another one? Yet here I am, lost, bleeding, alone. I beg for you to see me. But sins I’ve not commit can’t be atoned. And so I beg again to not be seen. I want to be invisible.