Random diary entry #1

Dear diary. It's an awfully nice morning and the sky is turning cold and blue. will always be yesterday, will always be tomorrow. and I'm grateful to be a living person and the end of the world hasn't yet to come. If it's polite to ask dear diary, would it be okay if I want more things than usual?

There is one thing I want, It is to become a pride of my beloved guardian. because I may have owed a lot to this person. She has broken my shell of delusions, it made me realize the truth and reality. The world started moving again and I could see more color. And for the first time I can do things on my own. for that reason I want her to be at peace for my sake. and I want her to be proud of what I had become.

May the world love her as she deserves to be happy. Protect her as she has saved me from the dark, colorless, and slow moving world of torment.

If the world does not protect her, then shall I not forgive the world.