Random diary entry #2

Written in this description was a monster, a tyrannical super being who cannot control itself or control the external effects. which taken a form of a slender and pale man who often covers his face. Habits he formed which became the lust for forbidden acts using deception, most of which in resulted in destruction.

he lived with his mother and father and the two other siblings. he had given away murderous intent towards his family, however not his own parents. he knew no real reason as to why he was so tormented, the reason the man suspects was forgotten a long time ago and he knew it may have been he himself who locked away the memories. the culprit may have been trauma or something else.

The episodes of his mind existing in deadly places, appearances reality shattering beings, experiencing obscure pieces of emotions. fearing of the being above him. he is undoubtedly weak emotionally in contrast to the average mind.

Monsters could be interpreted differently, in which in this experiment is about achieving a metamorphosis.