Random diary entry #4

A fine line between redemption and suicide, another walk on the edge of a cliff. Grass under the sun. I shout with my heart and tears.

“Mr. Cliff, I’ve been in your companion since I was born. I have love and care in me. Please listen!”

“I always wanted you to see me. I always wanted you to see what I am. But you’ve only spoken through the echoes. And you heard me always wrong.”

“I want to see you. I want to jump and let you see everything of me, your child. But that’s gonna be the end for my life. Because I want you to spend more time with me.”

“So I’ll keep shouting through this cloud. I’ll keep shouting until you disappear from this plane of reality.”

“Please listen, Please accept everything of me. I don’t want to jump by my own choice. I love you, Mr. Cliff.”

“Why do you keep rejecting me Mr. Cliff.”

“Why do you call this love, Mr. Cliff.”

“Why don’t you understand me.” “Please… Just let me be seen. If you truly love me.”

“Otherwise Mr. Cliff. Tell me to jump.”

I knew always that the world ends if the pain grows uncontrollably. Therefore there’s no other choice before I go insane. I will have to hang myself under the cliff. Let myself be understood, Then go onto the next life. I will forget Mr. Cliff. I will forget that I even existed.

One day it’ll happen. Be it close or far away in time. My love however, will remain even after my death.