If one were to “want” to “attempt” a truly GNU-less Linux the biggest issue they would be likely to run into is the fact that not even musl libc is free from the clutches of gmake. The only way to avoid gmake with projects that require gmake is to either not use them at all, or find an alternative. Sadly there are extremely few alternatives, but one stands out in the small crowd; Kati. Kati is Google's solution to needing to avoid gmake, it converts Makefile's into ninja files.

  • Issues

Kati works well but has a few issues under its surface, such as:

  • Requirement of gmake or pre-existing ckati
  • Lack of proper documentation
  • Creation by Google

I hope to fix 2 of these issues in the future, first starting with the gmake dependency; Its build process seems simple... I should be able to make it compatible with POSIX make/bmake.

~ Our minds are cages

When I was younger my asthma was much worse, not that it’s much better after I smoked, but none the less, I had many problems. Breathing was never fun, running was hard, just walking up or down the stairs would leave me gasping for air, doing anything at all was hard. But there were times when my asthma would do quite well sometimes even possibly too well…

Around the time of one of my comas, my asthma had been doing quite well, hadn’t needed my inhalers for multiple months! Yet soon I’d have an asthma attack, one that’d put me in the Hospital, then in a coma, and soon I’d wake up in a different Hospital, all the way in Hamilton… As a child I cared little, doctors would fix me up and I’d be back at home in no time! But I’m not 6 or 9 anymore… and while I’m alive my coma's have, affected me in various ways…